Evaluation of Design Seismic Force for Regular RC Framed Building as per IS1893:2002


    This software tool for performing the static and dynamic analysis of regular and simple multi-storied structures. This analysis procedure is based on IS 1893:2002 (Part I), Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures. This tool is a windows based software program developed in Visual Basic. The tool provides a user-friendly GUI for the calculation of base shear and its distribution over the height of the structure, depending on the input parameters. Usual input parameters are structural dimensions, type of structure, soil type, purpose of structure and location. Though this tool is simple, can be used for verification of design within short time. This tool is aimed to help students, architects and engineers during design of earthquake resistant structures.


    Seismic codes are unique to a particular region or country. In India, IS 1893 is the main code that provides outline for calculating seismic design force. This force depends on the mass and seismic coefficient of the structure and the latter in turn depends on properties like seismic zone in which structure lies, importance of the structure, its stiffness, the soil on which it rests, and its ductility. Part I of IS 1893:2002 (here after we refer it as the code) deals with assessment of seismic loads on various structures and buildings. Whole the code centres on the calculation of base shear and its distribution over height. Depending on the height of the structure and zone to which it belongs, type of analysis i.e., static analysis or dynamic analysis is performed.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)


    User friendly application for calculation of design seismic force and its distribution over height of the building.

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    Chandrasekhar, N., Sunil Babu and Pradeep Kumar Ramancharla: Equivalent Static Analysis as per IS 1893:2002: A Simple Software Tool, Proceedings, Third International Symposium on New Technologies for Urban Safety in Mega Cities, Agra, India, October 18-19 (2004).

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