Simulation of Plate Behaviour under Wind Loads


    The number of buildings increases year by year. So is the number of high-rise buildings. The effect of wind on these buildings and its components cannot be ignored. In many of these buildings, a major part of its vertical components can be modeled as plates. Example being glass walls in glazed building. When safety is a concern, behavior of these components under wind forces can be a subject of interest. The work presented here explains the program to simulate the linear behavior of building components that can be modeled as rectangular plates.


    The safety of the structural component is assured if its deflections are within the allowable limits. The work gives a quick glance over the provisions of IS 875, Part III (here after we mention this as the code) and its programming implementation. It deals in detail with equation of plate in bending, finite difference method, the algorithm for numerical simulation and the behavior of plate for different boundary conditions.

Programme Implementation

    The program displays the map of India and the user is prompted to click on the map corresponding to the location of his structure. The basic wind velocity, obtained by sensing mouse click is modified to get the design wind velocity. By clicking an appropriate button, user is entering the design life of the structure. With these values, programme calculates design wind pressure on the structure.
    The design wind pressure serves as the uniform force per unit area on the plate. Using this force, the plate equation is solved to find out the deflections at any particular node of the plate.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)


    To find out the wind loads at a given location in India.
    To analyze the building component for deflection and simulate its behavior.

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    Tijo Thomas and Pradeep Kumar Ramancharla: Simulation of plate behavior under non-uniform wind loads, Proceedings, Third International Symposium on New Technologies for Urban Safety in Mega Cities, Agra, India, October 18-19 (2004).

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