EERC Projects

Completed Projects

Earthquake Disaster Risk Indexing (EDRI) of Important Cities in Seismic Zones IV and V.

Type:         Research
Sponsored by:      NDMA, Govt. of India.
Duration:        __ Months (__ 2016 - __)
Principal Investigator:  Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Performance Assessment of Dominant Building Typologies in Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad

Type:         Research
Sponsored by:      Institute of Seismological Research, DST, Govt. of Gujarat
Duration:        24 Months (February 2016 - February 2018)
Principal Investigator:  Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Reviewing the Liquifaction Potential at the Proposed Project site in Illega Island, Mindavav, Philliphines

Type:         Minor Consultancy
Sponsored by:      UR Ground Engineering Pvt. Ltd
Duration:        6 Months (September 2015 - March 2016)
Principal Investigator:  Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

DISANET: International Network for Natural Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

Type:         Research
Sponsored by:      Japan International Cooperation Agency , Japan
Duration:        60 Months (July 2010 - June 2015)
Principal Investigator:  Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Visualising the waveforms click below HDB00 - Macmini (internal) Nilgiri Building, IIIT Hyderabad
HDB00 - Server Nilgiri Building, IIIT Hyderabad
CDG00 - Geology Dept. Building, PU, Sector 14 Chandigarh
CDG01 - Appleid Sceinces Building, PEC University of Technology, Sec 15, Chandigarh
CDG02 - Govt. Sr. Secondary Model High School, Sector 19c,Chandigarh
CDG03 - Chief Architect Building, Sector 9, Chandigarh
CDG04 - Modern Housing Complex Residential Building, Manimajra, Chandigarh
CDG05 - BBSBEC, Fategarh Saheb, Chandigarh
DISANET - All Building Sensors Data Status(updated upto-13Aug2015)

Assessment of Vulnerability of installations near Gujarat Coast Vis-a-Vis Seismic Disturbances: ISR Gujarat Coast

Type:         Research
Sponsored by:      Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), GoI
Duration:        54 Months (March 2009-August 2013)
Principal Investigator:  Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Civil Engineering Virtual Labs

Type:         Development
Sponsored by:      Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)
Duration:        12 Months (April 2010-March 2012)
Principal Investigator:  Ramancharla Pradeep Kumar

Visualising the waveforms click below 01. Strength of Materials virtual lab
02. Soil Mechanics virtual lab
03. Fluid Mechanics virtual lab
04. Structural Analysis virtual lab
05. Structural Dynamics virtual lab