Total : 14

  • Aniket N. Bhalkikar

    Ph.D, Monsoon 2014

    M.Tech (CASE) from IIIT Hyderabad

    Research Area:

    1. Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings, 2. AEM
  • Arpan Singh

    MS by Research, Monsoon 2020

    Research Area:

    Seismic Design of RC Wall-Frame System.

  • Bharat Prakke

    Ph.D,  Monsoon 2019

    1. M Tech from IIIT Hyderabad,2013

    Research Area:
    Seismic hazard and vulnerability assessment

  • Gudupudi Harrshavardhen

    B.Tech Dual degree, 2015

    Research Area:

    Seismic Design of RC Moment frames and optimization using ABC algorithm.

  • Hima Chandan Dasari


    Research Area:

    Real time monitoring of a building.

  • Gugan Vignesh Selvaraj

    MS by Research,  Monsoon 2013

    Not registered

    Research Area:

  • Lakshmi Supriya Yerramsetty

    Ph.D, Monsoon 2020

    1. M Tech from IIIT Hyderabad,2016.
    2. Experience of 2 years as Assistant professor in SRKR engineering college, Bhimavaram

    Research Area:
    1. Earthquake Engineering
    2. Analysis and Design of Reinforced concrete structures

  • Patnala V S Neelima

    Ph.D, Monsoon 2015

    MS by Resear Research Area:
    1. Seismic Performance of Soft storey buildings
    2. Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis

  • Niharika Srinivas Peddaprolu

    Ph.D, Monsoon 2018

    M.Tech Case IIIT Hyderabad.

    7 years experience in CAD Product Development

    Research Area:

    Safety assessment and Strength of buildings.

  • Niharika Talyan Singal

    Ph.D,  Monsoon 2017

    (1) M.Tech(Structures) from IIT Delhi
    (2) Experience of 7 years as a Structural Engineer (Bridges)

    Research Area:
    Seismic response control of bridges

  • Velani Pulkit D.

    Ph.D,  Monsoon 2016

    MS by Research from IIIT Hyderabad
    BE(Civil) from Mumbai University

    Research Area:
    1. Structural Health Monitoring
    2. Earthquake Resistant Analysis and Design of RC Building

    3. Non-Destructive testing

  • Raghu Nandan Vyas Pammi

    Ph.D,  Monsoon 2017

    (1) M.Tech from IIIT Hyderabad
    (2) Experience of 4 years as Quality Analyst in AVEVA Engineering Software Solutions LLP

    Research Area:
    1. Seismic assessment of RC buildings
    2. Nonlinear dynamic analysis

  • Ravi Shankar Badry


    Research Area:

    Modelling infinite boundary condition.

  • Swajit Singh Goud

    Ph.D, Monsoon 2012

    Pursuing PhD at IIIT Hyderabad.

    Research Area:

    Design provisions for soft storey buildings.